Soul Circle Sessions

with Laura Lynn

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Our Soul Circle Beach Sessions are a sacred place for women to slow down the pace of their busy lives and to PAUSE to claim a moment as their own.

The circle is a place to open and share their hearts and reconnect to their Soul’s voice.

In circle we celebrate connection to ourselves and the beauty of nature and positive energy as we hold space for each beautiful soul to share whatever comes through during this uplifting experience.

We practice presence as we meet in circle- which has been a sacred practice for women through the ages.

Circles for women are an extended hand.

The intention of the circle is to create a sacred and a safe place - a place to be seen, held, and honored just as you are.

The women who enter the circle are of “like mind and heart”- love bugs who seek connection and a pause in their busy lives.

Trust develops quickly and sisterhood flourishes in this beautiful container- all of us equals in the circle and in the creation of the experience.

We celebrate the seasons of our lives together- invoking beautiful rituals, supporting authentic sharing, soaking in presence, spirit and the natural beauty of our surroundings… and also have plenty of silly fun.

In circle we:

  • Declare a pause in the busyness of our lives and claim our time to reconnect. to what matters most.

  • Share our hearts and challenges.

  • Witness each other without judgement and give and receive unconditional support.

  • Honor our Divine connection and bow to the delight of our feminine intuition.

  • Witness and share each of the seasons of our lives: Reconciling and blessing our past, living fully with intention in our present- visioning and creating our next beautiful chapter.

  • Share rituals that ignite delight and spiritual connection.

  • Explore our desires.

  • Play in the discovery of authentic expression.

  • Are witnessed as we are.

  • Live and thrive in a community with heart.

  • Discover more ease and faith along our path as we access a renewed connection to intuition.

  • Experience our Soul's messages as they become clearer over time.

  • Fan the flames of creativity and play.



“There is nothing to writing. All you need to do is sit down a a typewriter and bleed.”

- Ernest Hemingway

Sometimes telling your story feels so darn vulnerable. What I know for sure is the strength of storytelling.

We all need to tell our story and to celebrate, reconcile and release the past in order to set the next beautiful chapters of our lives in motion.

While I adore the written word, telling your truth in person- being witnessed by another human being- is an even more transformative experience.

This is where the magic of a circle of women happens.

The gift of the exchange happens both for the teller of the story- and for the soul who gets to witness it in all of its vulnerable truth and glory.

The sharing of our human experience binds us, changes us, shows our collective resilience and heart.

It also lets us know we all seek the same things.

In circle we see that each of us will encounter a full set of challenges across our lifetimes that will grow us- if we rise to examine the lessons within.

Sharing ourselves and the seasons that we move through together, in pairs, in circles, changes lives.

In my life, especially in times of transition where my next steps were unclear to me, being witnessed in safe settings such as a Sacred Women's Circle has allowed me a mirror into my softer spots, my hurts, my buried emotions, my past behaviors and insecurities, and helped me to see myself with compassion (as mirrored back through the women in circle with me).

My experience in Circles of Women have been profound and life altering.

Being witnessed with love and compassion has allowed me to reframe, to forgive, to heal and move forward in my life with confidence, joy, courage and faith.

Being seen saves lives- and that is why I am such a passionate advocate and coach for women who are ready to share their story- and to move through their blocks into the fullest, most spacious expression of themselves in their lives.

Our Circle is a powerful place to begin this process.

I am honored to guide you on your way back to remembering who you really are.

xo- Laura Lynn

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  • Your beautiful self- Please give yourself time to come down and get settled into your spot on the sand. I like to get started at 10. Thanks!

  • Journal & Pen

  • Towel or Blanket [if you don't want to sit directly on the sand] sunscreen and umbrella if you like

  • Plenty of water

  • Change for PARKING METERS if you choose to park at the shoreline. Plenty of free spaces too- if you don’t mind a little walk.

*** $20.00 Donation- Thank you!

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I can’t wait to see you in Circle xo Laura