laurie marie photography
laurie marie photography

Hello there Lovely! 
I’m Laura and I’m so happy that you have found me…

 As I offer you a path out of the overwhelm so many of us experience “on the daily”… I provide Space Clearing & Organizing Services with the beautiful addition of Soul Coaching… where we shift the “stuff” AND the energy in the spaces you occupy… and this changes everything!

I am not your ordinary Professional Organizer. I am not a minimalist either. I am Passionate about helping women change their lives through the process of claiming their own Spaciousness…. It’s about more than just clearing out the piles that are driving you crazy…. It’s sweeter and deeper than simply organizing the “stuff” in your home and work spaces.

It’s about taking your time and your life back- Yes. It’s about releasing the things that are weighing on you- Absolutely. It’s about simplifying and creating order- Yes Please! It’s about reconnecting to what matters to you. At your Core. It’s about reclaiming the flow and beauty in your days. It’s about rediscovering YOU- and writing a bright LIGHT new chapter. The process we walk through, side by side, deals with the space, schedule, belongings and responsibilities that feel heavy to a woman’s heart when left untended.

Your decision starts it all… I am here, excited to hold the space for your new beginning.

Sound good?

By taking this action, a shift occurs. One that will change your life forever. As we begin to touch on the areas and items that most weigh on you, energy lifts and momentum accelerates. You will very quickly see and feel that you desire MORE of the feeling as SPACIOUSNESS begins to take hold in your mind and heart. Without exception, all of the women that I have worked with- even those who are very unsure as we begin-  feel supported, seen and empowered as the process opens up for them. I adore supporting them as they come out of overwhelm, release what holds them in stress, and embrace and create the flow they desire into the new season in their lives. As we simplify their calendars and clear their living spaces, they begin to find their center and get back in touch with their own ability to create the life they envision for themselves and for their families. 

They rediscover their ability to create, to dream and to receive in their world… and recognize and celebrate new OPEN SPACE to welcome in fresh possibilities...  

Kicking Stress and Overwhelm to the Curb…


Remembering who you are…


Re-connecting to what matters

I am an energy worker- attuned to reiki, so as an additional service, I provide reiki energy clearing in the spaces we are working in. I do this as I enter the space, and again as we complete the space clearing and we have honored, organized and reset their belongings. As I do this I educate and assist clients with their overall awareness of energy and its’ effect on their lives/space, and the flow of energy in their home and life moving forward. 

These transformations are ongoing, and are always a delight for me to witness and to participate in. The rising energy and lifted spirits that my clients experience is the joy of this work for me… truly a gift to behold.

I would love to see the SPACIOUSNESS as it rises up in YOU, dear one.

If you are ready, let’s begin, just a small step at a time.


HALF DAY [4 Hours]


FULL DAY [8 Hours]


EXTENDED [12 Hours]