From the hearts of others...


"I have to show you a article I saved in a Oprah magazine for you. It inspired me and reminded me of you and all the guidance you've given me. Something in this article just hit me.. the same as that day you spent 2 hours with me in my living room did... very powerful".

"I can’t begin to thank you for our conversation this morning. It has really turned me around about this guy. Your advice/coaching is miraculous!!!!" -Camille C.


"You're really good at taking other people's soul journeys and weaving them together like a tapestry. You pay attention to other people's stories and all the details and you gain big picture insight that then helps them to bloom and grow forward". -Nancy W.


"Laura is a joy to connect with!  I have consulted with her for many years and, during a particularly important work-transition, Laura highlighted my strengths and engaged with me to keep the focus on the big picture while clarifying the necessary steps to achieve my goals.

During each session she listened and engaged productively by asking questions that identified possible obstacles. Her support, insight and thoughtful queries helped guide me on a clear path to my goal.  Her professionalism and effective communication skills meant each session was productive. Above all, though,  she's a delight to be with so she really helped make the transition times more enjoyable. I'm so grateful for her and I highly recommend hiring her!" -Christina B.

“You...have inspired me to make a change for the better. Laura I support you and your calling- you know I’m your biggest fan.”-Rola B.


“Laura, you have been such a source of wisdom and support for so so many! When my shit happened, one of my first obstacles (after remembering to breathe) was stepping out my front door. You have coached me thru so so much.  As you are well aware, your path is requiring all barriers to drop, and to be truly exposed and authentic.  Frankly, I think we have all learned that that is the only way to live, and it is truly what “lights” you up Laura. It’s what makes you soar, and will be what makes you soar even higher". "With all of these steps, as barriers break down, YOU teach us that we start to become the best versions of ourselves”.  - Patricia L.



"Laura has been a true god shot in my life. She's been a beacon of light in some dark times. She's always been there to help remind me of who I am and her love and wisdom helps me remember to keep going. I came to California not knowing many people and Laura's truly been a safe haven & a comfortable place to land when I loose my way. I couldn't have imagined a brief meeting in Singapore would have developed such a meaning relationship and now I can't imagine my life without her. Her insight, love, compassion, and ability to hold space for others is priceless.  Anyone who get's the opportunity to work with Laura's magic is  truly blessed. Thank you Laura for shining your light and holding space and allowing me to shine mine!" -Laurie Marie